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A game of Roller Derby requires a crew of on-skates Referees, as well as Non-Skating Officials to ensure safe, fair & legal gameplay.  They are also responsible for keeping track of points, displaying scores and penalties, timing jams and players in the penalty box as well as collecting derby stats.

 If you’d like to learn to officiate Roller Derby, we can help you. Potential Referees go through freshie training (the same as skaters) to learn to skate & fall safely. You will also learn Roller Derby specific skills. 

New Referees need to pass a Referee test including rules knowledge, penalty codes & hand signals and of course skating skills like stopping, transitions and a keen track awareness. New Referee’s & NSO’s can learn all of this and more while participating in a weekly scrimmage with the team. 

At EVRD, we have two WFTDA Level 1 Certified Skating Officials and Non-Skating Officials with literally hundreds and hundreds of games experience to pass on to you.

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