East Vic Roller Derby

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The Black & Blue Bouts are back again!
Knox Leader  24 January, 2017

Skaters Jack Spite, Iron Maeghan and Cinderoller showing what they're made of ahead of the 2017 Black and Blue Bouts.

Home teams for the win.
Knox Leader  4 October, 2016

Pantalooney representing The Black Cats and Spawn of Skatin' representing The Snowy Owls in this article promoting our home teams bout.

Supporting a good cause.
Knox Leader  2 February, 2016

Skaters Iron Maeghan, Spawn of Skatin' and Jam E Oliver on the front page of the Knox Leader newspaper promoting our annual Black and Blue Bouts.

Juniors debut bout.
Knox Leader  15 December, 2015

Our juniors making their on skates debut as well as their print media debut. This article features a shot from our photographer Bustin' Bubbles.

42 Geek Street visits East Vic.
Channel 31   Airdate 21 August, 2015

The lads from 42 Geek St come down to The Shed in Dandenong to have a chat with our very own Jam E Oliver.  Later, one of our refs I am Slam is interviewed by Devastatin Dotti. 

Derby rolling into town.
Maroondah Leader  10 September, 2013

Our new Chairwoman Flick aka Ms B Having and Katrina Benham get East Vic on the front page of the Maroondah Leader again.

Bayswater skater rolls the big league.
Maroondah Leader  24 July, 2012

The Web Goblin lands herself on the front page of the Maroondah Leader.